Spinner Konferenztechnik has been organizing successful events for over 40 years now. As an experienced and creative partner, we can plan and organize your conferences, meetings, events and seminars, as well as assist you in setting up permanent installations.

We have the latest congress and simultaneous translation technology to ensure that you will be perfectly equipped for your audio and video needs. Thanks to professional support in advance and on site, you can look forward to your event in a relaxed manner.

We provide personalized advice and offer competitive conditions.

Hire a Spinner.

  • Team

    We are a team of experienced professionals from the audio, video and simultaneous interpretation fields.

    We will work upstream of the event to clarify all the technical details with the conference venue, the interpreters or other parties involved. Our competent and solution-focused personnel will do their utmost to ensure that your event or installation project runs smoothly.

    We transform your needs into technology.

  • Interpreting technology

    With high-quality equipment, we ensure that the simultaneous interpretation is technically flawless.

    Simultaneous interpreting equipment
    Interpreter microphone units
    Mobile interpreter and table booths
    Person guidance or whispering systems
    Wireless headsets
    Hiring of interpreters
  • Audio and Visual

    We ensure clear sound and image transmission. We offer:

    Compact state-of-the-art sound systems
    Conference systems with presidential and delegate microphone units
    Desktop and wireless hand and headset microphones
    Induction loops for the hearing impaired
    Beamers, screens, public viewing
    Live video production, web streaming, post production
    Audio and video protocols
    Laptops and accessories (e.g. PowerPoint presenter)
    PowerPoint synchronous circuit for up to 3 laptops
    Equipment such as wiring, etc.
  • Voting System

    Our PowerVote voting system is efficient and elegant:

    Question and result slides integrated in PowerPoint
    Handy wireless voting devices
    Different types of questions
    Vote weighting
    Instantaneous results, even during the vote
    Export of results to Excel and analysis of answers
  • Multimedia

    We advise conference centers, training centers and schools in the design and installation of customized and user-friendly in-house solutions:

    Microphone, amplification and sound systems
    Video and projection solutions
    Digital signage and room management
    Wireless presentation systems such as Clickshare
  • Media control system

    Our solutions elegantly combine modern technologies: use a touchscreen to switch on the beamer and darken the room while the screen automatically descends or adjust the microphone volume via the tablet. We advise you on how devices can work together to benefit from their full potential:

    Complete media control via tablet, PC or touchscreen
    Technology racks, fixed or mobile
    Media trolley, also as lectern
    Preprogrammed light scenes
    Signal distribution
  • Post-installation service partnership

    Our aim is that you get the most out of your new equipment and design. That’s why we are at your side even after commissioning until your employees or guests feel comfortable with it. We can provide:

    Presentations and training on the new system
    Service partnership
    Hotline, troubleshooting
    Maintenance and repairs
    Further development
  • Partner sites
    We equip congress and conference centers with specific equipment and additional material for events and advise them on acquisitions and further development concepts or conversions.
    Stade de Suisse
    Hotel Bern
    Forum Fribourg
    ABZ Spiez
    Haus des Sports
  • A large clientele
    We plan and organize all kinds of events for customers from the world of business, education, politics and culture. This includes meetings, congresses, conferences, delegates' and general meetings, training events, workshops, festivities, festivals or plays.
    Konferenz der Kantonalen Polizei- und Justizdirektoren
    Berufsverband für Augenoptik und Optometrie
    Pro Infirmis
    Schweizer Fleisch-Fachverband
    Les Routiers Suisses
    Schweizerischer Schafzuchtverband
    Schweizerischer Samariterbund
    Schlachthaustheater Bern
    Föderation der Schweizer Psychologinnen und Psychologen
  • Our brands
    In our work, we rely on trustworthy equipment from the following brands:
    Wireless microphones
    Interpreting equipment
    Mixing consoles
    Sound technology
    Video direction
    High-quality cabling

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